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Book 2 Update

I discovered 2 things this morning. First, the long awaited title for book 2 in my novel series is finally here. It will be called, The Cross’s Key. Second, since I started book 2 I have been having placement issues. … Continue reading

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Blog Share

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with all of you my author blog at https://lmmontes777.wordpress.com. Some of the articles I share between blogs, but most of them I don’t. I enjoy having two blogs because they give me the best … Continue reading

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Time’s Wind

The wind whistled through the holes in the neck of the clock spreading a long, low, hollow monotone. Ashley leaned forward with both palms on the railing of the porch wondering if Tim would ever get home. Two days and … Continue reading

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Time Flies

Hello Everyone: I’ve been away for a good 3 years from this blog.  I do apologize for my absence. I’ve been writing heavily and was able to finish my first novel in that time frame. I am blogging again, so … Continue reading

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Daytime in Darkness

It was the 4th of July and an enormous festival came to North Town. There was a petting zoo, games of all kinds from darts to baseball, a rodeo, and food. The combination of various aromas from the food made … Continue reading

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Out the Window

Why did I not see this window from the outside of the house before? There shouldn’t be one, but there it sat in its place surrounded by wall as I peered out. The driveway below spread a long length of … Continue reading

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The Zone

Sometimes in life you has to step outside of your comfort zone in order to move forward.  No, it is not fun, but sometimes it ends up giving you that adrenaline rush of success that leaves you saying, “Why did I wait … Continue reading

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When You Don’t Understand

Sometimes when a class assignment is given, the directions can be confusing. It is easy to ask for assistance, but sometimes the answer that is given is just as confusing as the directions. Frustration starts to set in and build up until … Continue reading

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