Ride The Wave

Life takes us for a ride. We are the drivers, but there are unexpected turns. Sometimes a storm comes up that throws us around, and we end up trying to balance things out. How do we handle what comes at us? Do we let these tidal waves crash down over us? Do we go with the flow, trying to get up on our surf board and balance as we control what’s ahead of us? That choice is up to you the individual. Sometimes we need someone else to hang on to. As a matter of fact, we all do.

I know someone who refuses to ask for help, but will accept it if offered…..most of the time. When he tries to go his situation alone or doesn’t take advice, he ends up faltering. I don’t like to see this because I don’t like watching someone fail. Quite honestly, I don’t think anyone likes to see this. In my opinion, it’s important to ask for help because it shows we are not perfect and that we are willing to get through the tough times even if we must depend on others. We can also learn from our situations as well. Life is a wave and how you ride it is in your hands.

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