Deep Breathing

With the issue of this virus going around, many people are nervous and afraid. Food and toilet paper is flying off the shelf. I pray for everyone. I pray that the Lord heals and gives comfort to everyone. Bless all of you. You are all God’s beautiful children. He loves all of you.

Take a deep breath and be safe. Take precautions, but above all else, trust that the Lord Jesus has you in his tender care. Throughout life hardships will always reign supreme. That’s a given. It’s what we do in those times that counts. Yes, prepare. But don’t forget to pray and make the Lord a part of your daily living. Relax, and do not be afraid.

Do something that relaxes you. Aside from work, what hobbies to you have? Do you like to go for drives? Does working out relax you? I do a variety of different things to relax. I like to do bead work, paint, write, learn new things, and talk to friends. Life doesn’t have to be tough. There are tough times, yes, but I consider those speed bumps and/or learning experiences.

About L. M. Montes

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