The Rains

Sometimes the rains come dropping down. Ever downward droplets fall to the ground. Do we rejoice in this? Or do we despair? What do you prefer to feel? Whichever, you’ll prevail. Because when the rain stops, the sun comes out and joy you feel anyway without a doubt.

Sometimes we need the gloomy days in order to regroup and clear our minds. Some may not see it this way. If you’re one of those individuals, try changing your outlook or way of thinking. Yesterday, my country, the United States, celebrated its day of independence. So, yes, I took the day off and did no writing at all. No blog, no computer, no working on my novel. Nothing. I watched television and picked some cherries off the tree in the backyard. My body felt gloomy, but my mind wasn’t. I allowed my brain to shut off for one day. That one day did me so MUCH good.

So let yourself relax for that one day. No work. Nothing. Refresh yourself. Forget the gloom, because the end result is so much better. Watch the rain fall and rejoice.

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Peaches, Apples, & Cherries in My Backyard

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The Richness Inside

You may seek other places to find your richness or self-worth and never find it. Then in the end of it all you realize the answer was inside of YOU the whole time. You just didn’t see it. You have so much awesomeness inside of you, but you don’t know that. Get to know yourself better so you can know your strengths and what you have to offer. Truth be told. We ALL have something positive to offer everyone else. Also, you can turn your weaknesses into strengths as well. Learn to “flip” your weaknesses, or what I like to call “weakness flipping.”

For example, if you don’t like to speak in front of people, but you have much to say that could help others, what are you going to do if you can’t speak in front of them? Let’s say your strength is the written word, and you would prefer people read what you have to say. How do you turn the weakness of not being good at speaking in front of others into a strength?

1. Create a visual presentation– This could be in the form of a PowerPoint slide presentation.
2. Create a hand out that highlights what you want to say.
3. Publish your thoughts/ideas in a book.

Yes, you will still be speaking in front of people using the above ideas, but the visuals help you to relax more while you’re up in front of everybody and serve to calm you down because now you don’t have to rely on memory to remember everything you need to say up there. It’s right there in front of you.

I used to be SOOOOOOO scared to get up in front of people. So what career did I choose? Teaching. Makes no sense, I know. I was terrified to get up in front of others. All the questions went through my mind. Will I remember what I need to say? How will I look? Will they pay attention? Of course, the more I got up in front of people to speak, I became more relaxed with it. But that was only a fraction of my unease. I realized that, the visuals I had as part of my presentation helped the audience focus on something other than myself, which in turn stopped my heart from racing and calmed me down. SO, in essence, I used my strength to make my weakness stronger. In the end it balances out.

YOU are that richness. It can only be found in YOU.

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To My Awesome Followers and Guests

There are people around us who inspire us on a daily basis. Whether they are with us in person or not, doesn’t matter. They live in our minds and in our hearts. Who inspires you? My family inspires me, of course. But outside of them, all of you, my followers and friends inspire and uplift me. I am so grateful to all of you. So a HUGE THANK YOU EVERYONE.

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Carefree by L. M. Montes

Standing on the cliff, I gazed
upon the valley so rich
with hues of green a mist with haze,
an eagle glided to my eyes,
afloat on winds to look at me,
a stern beak his intent belies.

On sand blankets toes do sink,
heat’s fingers them encompass,
like two hearts that link
two minds ne’er parting
nor tearing asunder
such coziness of natures sparking.

But days do end and darkness falls
on every light that glows
and carefree birds that call,
off to bed now dream in clouds
on lofty air pillow puffs
and a sigh of sandy sleep bow.

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A Little of Myself

When I was a child before the age of ten, I loved to play make believe. I know most kids do, but that was my favorite past time. Yeah, I colored, but I became bored with that to quickly, and my mind would take over and want to play pretend. I had sisters, so there were people to play with. When it came time to have to stop, I was disappointed. You know, play, fun, and everything else that goes with that had to stop for the day.

There were times though that I played by myself. Believe it or not, I still had a good time. I was comfortable with my own company. I still am. I had friends in my neighborhood, but I was never best friends with any of them. Up until the neighbor boy hit puberty, he and I played together quite a bit. Then puberty hit and I was, according to him, a stupid girl. So, I hung out with my younger sister and her best friend who happened to be that boy’s sister. Well, that didn’t go over well (cue laughter here). Every time I went to his house to hang with my sister and her best friend, he’d chase me down and sit on me. You know, typical boy hates girl stuff.

Today, I still enjoy my own company, and I still play make believe except now it’s in the form of writing fiction fantasy stories and books. As far as the neighbor boy across the street goes, he moved to the American Southwest. He did become nicer to me when we were in our 20’s. So that is a plus. I moved away myself straight out of high school and joined the military. But that’s another story.

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The Golden Tree (Part V)

A mural of the golden tree spread across the wall. With absent minded ease, he rose from the edge of the bed and stepped over to the wall. His hand outstretched, he caressed the painting of the tree. Its golden leaves just as shiny here as in person. But, how can that be? It’s a painting.

A knock at the bedroom door shook him out of his thoughts, and he spun his head in the direction of the knock.

“Yes?” asked Charlie. “Come in.”

The door inched inward and a woman’s well groomed brunette head peeped around the edge. “You’re awake,” said the woman. “I’m Tulsie.”

“H-hello. I am Charlie. H-how long have I been asleep?”

“Two days. We were starting to wonder if you were going to wake up. The doctor came over to look at you.” She walked over to him and reached slight, delicate fingers up to his temple. “I must say, that bump looks much better.”

“It hurts like hell.”

Tulsie gasped and stepped back a couple steps, touching folded hands to her chest. “Must you speak that way?”

“What way?”

“That…that word.”

“What? Hell?”

“Yes. We don’t speak that kind of language in this house.”

“Oh,” replied Charlie taken back just a bit. “Where I come from it’s no big deal. But I do apologize if I offended you.” An uncomfortable minute passed as no one said anything. Then, indicating toward the painted golden tree on the wall, “Do you know about this tree?”

“What about it?” asked Tulsie.

“How is it you have a painting of it on your wall?”

“It’s just a tree.”

“No, it’s not. Who painted it?”

“My cousin. Raymond Bleaker Sr. So what?”

“This tree really exists. It grows on a farm of a friend of mine back in Oklahoma. Wait. Where am I anyway?”

“Who is your friend?”

“Ray Bleaker III.” A chill ran up and down his spine. What are the odds he wakes up wherever in the house of the cousin of his friend’s grandfather? “Ma’am? Please tell me where I am.”

“In my house.”

Charlie scrunched his lips and a heat rose in his cheeks. “I know that. Where is your house, besides on a street in a nice little town. Where is this place? What’s the town or city, or whatever?”

“You don’t have to be so rude in your speaking sir. A simple question and in a nice manner would suffice,” explained Tulsie.

Charlie pasted a fake smile across his cheeks, “Ma’am? What town and state am I in?”

“That’s much better. You are in a suburb of Dallas, Texas,” replied Tulsie. She sauntered over to mural of the golden tree and flipped her delicate fingers in its direction. “Ya know, this tree has been in my cousin’s family for generations. It’s original name was the Time Travel Tree.” Her gaze went from the tree mural to Charlie and morphed into a leer. “You are in 1956.”

Charlie ran his fingers through his dark hair, staggered to the bed and sat back down on the edge. “How do I get back to 2022? Wait, I need to find Rays farm. That’s where the tree is. He said it’s like 200 years old. I’ll just go back there and touch the tree.”

At that moment the same little boy he’d seen holding the ball in the front yard of the house, when he arrived two days ago, walked into the room holding the same red ball.

Tulsie walked over to the little boy and fumbled her fingers through the little boys hair. “This is my cousin’s boy, Raymond Jr.” Then she threw a pointed stare at Charlie. “And, no, you cannot find the tree at my cousin’s farm. It isn’t there.”

“But it’s there in 2022. Ray said it’s over 200 years old. Trees don’t get up and move.”

“Well, he’s right. It is 200 years old. But the tree moves itself every so many years. So you’ll have to find it. How you do that is up to you.”

“But I thought you said the tree has been in the family for generations.”

“That’s right. I did. You appear to be a smart man. Confused at the moment but smart nevertheless. Figure it out.”

(To Be Continued)

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The Domino Effect

Sometimes life can throw problems or joys at you at once or at steady intervals. It can leave you exhausted whether these things are positive or not. And it appears as though someone behind the scenes is controlling how often these happenings. One key here is to breathe, use your head, and pace yourself. You can be overwhelmed if you allow yourself to be.


Managing your time is another key to keeping yourself in check and calm. Spend a couple hours on one project, then take a break of however many minutes you feel you need. After your break, move on to the next project. Prioritize.

Of course, there are some issues you have no control over. But you do have to be on the sidelines or available in case your needed, like being the one to manage the communication aspects of whatever it is your issue is. For example, if you have a plumber in your house fixing something major, you have no control over that, but you do need to be in the house to answer his questions or give him needed information. The rest is up to him/her. So, if you are not supposed to have control over it, then don’t. Release that control to the person whose job it is to take on that control.

Peace, Pray, Love

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The Cross We Bear by L. M. Montes

Sin is but a shadow
that lingers when we fail,
a monkey hanging on our backs
when our life sets sail.

We cannot let it go
no matter what we do,
just look to Christ your Savior
because he died for you.

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That Moment

On December 18th, 2001 my mother passed away. I was with her in her final moments. At the time it was a sad moment (still is), but over the years I have come to the realization that it was a blessing to be with her because I was meant to be. She needed to know I was going to be ok, and I needed to realize I could continue on without her. It is not that I wasn’t able to before, except now I had to grow from the experience. And I did. My mom gave me much wisdom and incite, and there were many times we’d talk on the phone just to gab. There is still that moment when I want to dial her number. Like today. I’d like to call her and gab for a bit.

I know she’s with Jesus in heaven, so she’s in great company. One day I will be able to sit down with her and gab once again. Writing this helps. It’s not that I am sad at the moment, but thinking of her brings a smile to my face and makes me want to catch up on what’s been going on since she’s been gone. Although, she’s in a MUCH better place, and I am glad she’s missed all the disaster and mayhem going on in this country (USA) right now.

So in closing, lift a cold drink, like a glass of ice water or iced tea, and say, “Here’s to you mom.” Whether your mom is still on this earth or has passed on.

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