One Starry Night

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One starry night I lay beneath the sky,
the crickets strummed their violins so sweet,
dewy drops tickled,
the cool it prickled,
the moon man smiled up high.

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Meeting People

You can meet people anywhere. I know you know this, but sometimes we can get into a rut. When we get into this rut, sometimes it’s because we need to be around other people. We end up asking ourselves, “How am I going to meet new people? How can I be around others?” This is an easy question for some people to answer and for them meeting people is an easy thing to do. But, what if you are one of those individuals who has a difficult time with it? Like me for instance. Well, I have found that you can meet new people in the most unlikely ways.

I take the same route when I walk everyday. For the last three years I have made sure to go walking (for health reasons). In recent months the neighbors along this route, after seeing me walk all the time, just started introducing themselves. I’m a shy person by nature, so this is hard for me to take this initiative most often. But, when someone else ‘breaks the ice’, I’ll jump right on that band wagon.

Going to the coast and walking along the beach is another favorite activity for me. The sound of the waves is very relaxing. Yeah, there are others there too enjoying themselves and it can be so easy to put your blinders on and pretend you’re the only one there. But, it can also be just as fun to start talking to people there too. No, you most likely won’t see them again, but you might. You never know.

It’s all about what you can get from people intrinsically. The endorphins kick in and you feel as though you’ve had the best day ever. You didn’t need to buy anything. You didn’t need to spend or make money to get it. All you needed was some people time.

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The Hard Way

If we always do things the right way and never make a mistake, do we learn? If we short-change ourselves by taking the easy way out, do we learn or become comfortable with what we’re doing? If we give in to fear and lock ourselves away inside and never go outdoors, will we ever have the opportunity to live our lives the way God intended for us to live it?

The answer to all of the above questions is NO. Many times it can be very hard to move on, to learn something new, or let go of fear. It isn’t easy, I’ll give you that. But, we don’t have to do any of this on our own. Jesus gives us His Holy Spirit to guide us, to give us comfort, and grant us peace. Pray to Him. He is there. He is always there. It may not feel as though He is with you, but He is.

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An Eerie Scent of Roses

The day was shot.  The sweltering heat killed any kind of motivation to do or enjoy anything. Add to that a broken air conditioner. The fans blew hot air around, so that idea didn’t help either. It was 11 pm Saturday night, and I still could not sleep. Having to wait until Monday for a repairman to come out and fix it felt more like two weeks instead of two days.

I swiped a piece of my long strawberry blond hair out of my eyes and propped my arm up on its elbow in front of the small fan on my bedside table. The air seeped through my fingers, tickling my cheek. The relaxing sensation it created caused my eyes to droop. A scent of roses floated by, if ever so very faint. The rose bush outside my open bedroom window did its job well. Then my eyes flew open. My window wasn’t open. Something shifted in the corner to my left, and I froze. Silence followed…then a weight flopped onto the bed and pounce on me with a lick on the cheek.

            “Oh, Brandy. You silly dog. You scared me to death.” My three-year-old golden retriever let out a bark and licked my cheek once more in response. I wrestled her off of me and motioned to the end of the bed. She complied and all was quiet again.

            I thought about the new job developer, Dan Hastings. He was charming with his sandy, brown hair that swept below the hair line and dark brown eyes, like velvet. The moment they looked at you, they knew you. At least that’s what it felt like.  He appeared commanding with a straight nose and a look of such self-control. Perfect, he appeared perfect. Too perfect in my estimation. Rumor had it that he was a wiz with the computer. My cell phone startled me. Who could be calling at this hour?

            Lord knows why I answered it, but I did. “Hello.”

“Shhhh. . . don’t say a word, my love,” said the screechy voice.

            “Who is this? You have the wrong number,” I replied.

            Whoever it was, hung up. A shiver swam down my spine. I tucked my arms into my chest as I peered around my dark bedroom. To calm myself, I chalked it up as the heat causing people to do crazy things.

       Again, the phone rang.

            I thought of giving whoever it was a piece of my mind. It rang a second time. Maybe not. I decided to ignore it. It rang a third and fourth time. The display read unknown caller. Again, I decided to let it go and not answer. The ringing continued. Odd, why wasn’t it going to voice mail?  I picked the phone up once more. This time I swiped left to hang it up. Then I turned it off. I thunked my head back onto the pillow, blew out a breath, and rested my arm across my eyes.

            Then the blaring ring from my land line startled me.

(To Be Continued)

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(How many of you can relate to a story like this?)

I laughed at the comedy on TV. It was welcoming because I hadn’t gotten into a program in a long time.

Work, crafts, writing, they all had taken my time lately. But that’s ok. I’d rather do those things than spend all of my time watching television. A good brain workout doing other things than TV was better anyway. Then it happened.

The brown, hairy, eight legged thing revealed itself as I threw my head back in laughter once again. Damn, there was always something that had to spoil the fun. And just when no one else was here to kill it for me. I pursed my lips together wondering how I was going to do this. The way I saw it, I had one of two choices. I could sit and stare at it until my husband got home…….six hours from now, or I could face this and get it myself. Neither option appealed to me. Of all the places it could be, the ceiling. The only choice I had was the fly swatter.

With the fly swatter in hand, I steadied it below where said spider was. I was still too short. Damn! I trudged over to the step stool and placed it just to the right of where that ugly thing sat. I stepped up. Now I was too close. I shot out a breath. “Well, this has to be done for my own peace of mind.” I looked up and hunkered down out of its way just in case it fell. I didn’t want it dropping on me. Steadying the fly swatter just below the spider, I paused. Then, smack. But, instead of pulling the fly swatter away, I left it there, moving it back and forth to make sure I had killed it.

I stepped down off the stool and released the fly swatter at the same time. Peering down at the brown blob on top of it, I breathed a sigh of relief.

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A Rare Find

I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a conversation on Twitter about the rare personality of the INFJ. I had been tagged by a fellow tweeter in which I had to name three things about myself. I love participating in these types of activities because it means getting to know others as well as them getting to know me. I am an INFJ personality and I listed this as one of the three things about myself. As a result, a conversation ensued and a thread was born. As it turned out, many of my fellow authors/writers are also INFJ’s. Other than myself, I had never met one before (that I was aware of), so this was huge. I felt like I was among family. Additionally, I believe one’s personality goes along with what they were meant to do in life; that it parallels with our likes and dislikes.

As a child, I remember being made to read and then being made to write a summary about it. In other words, it’s what is known as a book report. I didn’t like this at all. I couldn’t stand doing book reports. I couldn’t wait until the day I didn’t have to do them anymore. BUT, was it the book report I didn’t like doing, or was it the fact that I was FORCED to do them. Truth be told, I love a good story. I always have. So, I’m inclined to think it was the latter. After all, I wrote a book. I didn’t write it because I was force to do it. I wrote it because I LOVE to create stories and play around with words. I’m attracted to words like some people are attracted to numbers. As an INFJ, writing comes easy to me and I am comfortable with doing it for hours. The peace and quietude that comes with it is a sanctuary for me. So, when I met others like me on Twitter, I felt as though I found my family: like minded individuals who love writing as much as I do and who react to life in much the same way.

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An Issue of Life

What brings an issue to life? Does it exist if it’s not talked about? If we don’t make an issue out of it, how then is it an issue? I don’t believe it is. If something bothers you, talk to someone about it. Perhaps talk to the person you have a problem with. Otherwise, let it go. I used to work with someone who copped a rude attitude with most everyone. Trust me, it made for a negative work experience some days. There were times I wanted to say something back, but I chose to hold my tongue instead. That was my choice. I did, however, talk to someone about it. I talked to a friend and was able to get it out of my system. Then I was fine. Someone like that who has to rip on others to make themselves feel better need something. What, I don’t know. If they can’t say something nice they should keep their mouth closed or go punch a pillow.

People just want to be people and live their lives. They want to wake up in the morning, eat, shower, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, go to work, take a break and enjoy something, and be a part of something that brings them contentment. But, is life that simple? Maybe for some folks. However, we ALL have struggles. It’s how we get through those struggles that matters most. If you’re angry, talk to someone about it. Be constructive about it, not destructive. Don’t take it out on others by calling them something they’re not. Don’t destroy something because you THINK by doing so you’re making a statement. Actually, the only statement you’re making is that you don’t know how to behave in an intelligent manner.

I am going to close with this. We are all spiritual beings, created in the image of God (Gen 1:26). Our bodies are a “shell” that houses our spirit. We all look different, but that doesn’t make us any better than anybody else. Red, yellow, black, white; it doesn’t matter what color we are. Our spirit inside of our bodies is what makes us “tick”.

We are all God’s children, HE and only HE is better than all of us. This is His world. It’s our job to care for it and Love Him. His Son Jesus Christ died for all of humanity so through him we may live with Him forever in a better world.

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Ride The Wave

Life takes us for a ride. We are the drivers, but there are unexpected turns. Sometimes a storm comes up that throws us around, and we end up trying to balance things out. How do we handle what comes at us? Do we let these tidal waves crash down over us? Do we go with the flow, trying to get up on our surf board and balance as we control what’s ahead of us? That choice is up to you the individual. Sometimes we need someone else to hang on to. As a matter of fact, we all do.

I know someone who refuses to ask for help, but will accept it if offered…..most of the time. When he tries to go his situation alone or doesn’t take advice, he ends up faltering. I don’t like to see this because I don’t like watching someone fail. Quite honestly, I don’t think anyone likes to see this. In my opinion, it’s important to ask for help because it shows we are not perfect and that we are willing to get through the tough times even if we must depend on others. We can also learn from our situations as well. Life is a wave and how you ride it is in your hands.

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Book 2 Update

I discovered 2 things this morning. First, the long awaited title for book 2 in my novel series is finally here. It will be called, The Cross’s Key. Second, since I started book 2 I have been having placement issues. I was never happy with the order in which I put each chapter, and just when I think I have it right, I find I don’t like the order at all. So I continued to rearrange. THEN…….Then, this morning I realized that it isn’t necessarily the chapters I have out of place. It’s that the chapters I have written should be in Act II not Act I. Nothing like starting in the middle. HaHaHa, at least now after I create Act I and get to Act II, I’ll be a step ahead. Gotta love writing.

Also, book 2 features Kyle Stevens, who was a main side character in book 1, as the protagonist. He has been given a most exceptional gift. Will he be open to its mysteries, or will he ignore it and rely on his own merits?

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